Last week, the Guitar Festival showcased a wonderful variety of different performances in Whitgift School’s Concert Hall. The first part of the evening included a selection of solo and ensemble performances, where some of the youngest students joined with older students to deliver performances of a very high quality. The choice of repertoire was varied and it was impressive to see many students accompanying themselves whilst also singing.

The final part of the evening concluded with the *Debbie Thomas Guitar Competition. All students performed admirably, and the overall musicality was fantastic.

The School would like to thank Peripatetic Guitar Teachers, Mr James and Mr Hill for organising the event, and for accompanying and preparing their students. The evening would not have been possible if it weren’t for the AV Team and their help in sound-checks prior to the performances and with the recording.

*For those of you interested, Mr James has kindly provided the information below about the origins of the competition:

The competition was started with funds received as a bequest in the will of Debbie Thomas. She regularly attended concerts at Whitgift, was an amateur guitarist and so inspired by the Julian Bream recital here at Whitgift that she made provision in her will for monies to support the study and performance of classical guitar. I designed the festival and competition, with the assistance of my colleague, Mr Hill, to make best use of those funds. We decided to include all types of guitar, and guitar playing to give the event as broad a platform as possible with a first half devoted to performance on guitar and the second half reserved for the competition with an expected high level of skill appropriate to the event. We have had many outstanding winners over the years, and I am delighted to say that classical, electric and acoustic steel string have all featured with and without vocals.


1st Prize: Jay (Upper Sixth Form)

2nd Prize: Damola (Upper Sixth Form)

3rd Prize: Luke S. (Fourth Form)



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