Whitgift School celebrated the news of Sixth Form students winning The Wings of Hope (WOH) award. ‘Team Vision’ members Jack, Max, Scott, Arjun and Will overcame many adversities and the challenges of lockdown to raise a significant sum for this superb charity.

Planning, team work and coping when things don’t go as expected, are key elements of WOH and this group demonstrated their ability to get things done when most activities that would normally raise money could not happen.

The students, joined by the Headmaster, spoke about their initiatives and their journey with WOH at a special assembly in Big School this week which was live streamed to their peers in their form groups around the School.

The students had originally planned to complete a half marathon, followed by an online gaming tournament and then a 9 mile hike.

“The experience that I will take away from WOH is that we had to overcome a number of different situations and still work together as a team and that is what I think has led to this award” Whitgift School Sixth Former, Scott, explained.

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