Whitgift House residents George and Sylvia celebrated their 75th Wedding Anniversary on 2nd October. The couple received their 8th letter from Queen, congratulating them on “achieving the remarkable milestone”.

Fellow residents, Whitgift House staff, friends and family all gathered in the new Anne Dynewell Suite at Whitgift House to celebrate the marvellous occasion. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon of live music, delicious cake and looking at treasured photographs from the happy couples wedding day.

When asked the secret to their successful marriage, George said: “Sylvia and I balance one another out; one a pessimist and the other an optimist, we work together as a team”.

Having travelled to most countries around the world including trips to Hong Kong, Spain and Morocco, the active pair have enjoyed living life to the full. They have met two Popes, most of the Royal Family including the Queen, no less than five Prime Ministers and George is quick to add that he’s even shared a dance with Gone with the Wind’s actress Vivian Leigh.

When they are not on their travels, raising money for charity or at the latest engagement at Buckingham Palace, George enjoys watercolour painting, whilst both love to create scenic tapestries.

Whitgift Care wishes the couple a huge congratulations.