Whitgift Care is delighted that Vesela Petrova, Deputy Manager and Clinical Lead for Whitgift House, has been listed as a runner-up for The Carer Magazine’s Unsung Hero Award 2021.  

Home Manager, Anne George, nominated Vesela (pictured above with a resident) in recognition of her commitment to our residents, going above and beyond in managing their care. 

Vesela has worked at Whitgift House for seven years and, with elderly parents in Bulgaria that she misses dearly, Vesela thinks of them whenever she works with our residents, expecting every one of them to be treated as if they are family.  

Her role is extensive and demanding in a climate of ever-changing Health and Social Carer directives, but she has taken every opportunity to learn and develop her work to an exceptionally high standard, always putting our residents at the heart of everything she does and even coming in on her days off to ensure the smooth running of the home and the ongoing quality of their care. 

Despite her extensive managerial and administrative duties, Vesela always makes sure she spends plenty of time ‘on the floor’ with our staff and residents and is hugely respected by everyone. She takes huge pride in her ability to be able to fill any staffing gap from Carer to Nurse, Cleaner or Chef, with the words “I do as they do”. She doesn’t expect anyone to do anything that she wouldn’t do herself. 

The last eighteen months or so have been exceptionally challenging. Besides the small matter of a pandemic, there has also been an extensive staffing restructure where much has changed and a number of our long-standing familiar faces have moved on. But Vesela is working hard with all of her colleagues to help build an even stronger sense of community where everyone looks out for each other and can tell when someone is having a good or a bad day “even just by the way that they are walking”. 

Director of Care, Dolores Pickersgill, added her thanks to Vesela saying, “I am delighted that Vesela’s contribution has been recognised in this way, it really is well deserved. We can’t thank Vesela and her team enough for all of their hard work and commitment.” 


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