Whitgift is the only school to have twice accomplished two titles at the National Indoor Hockey Championships in the same season!

This month Whitgift has succeeded in winning the U18 and U16 National Indoor Hockey Championships.  This is an exceptional accomplishment, especially as it is the only school in England to have achieved this unique feat twice, previously winning the double title in 2011.

Both teams persevered through a long season playing the best teams in the country; the U18s finished unbeaten in 25 matches and scoring 133 goals, whilst the U16s scored just as many goals and played 23 matches.

The U18 tournament has been a challenging season; the boys played against impressive local teams including Cranleigh, Kingston and Reed’s, and the national finals were no different, with tough games in the semi-final against Bedford. The season concluded with Altrincham Grammar which saw the Whitgift team victorious.

Captain Max Lowrey, an England U18 international player commented, “It was a tough but enjoyable journey. It’s been great being part of an inspiring team and experiencing the dedication from the players and the coaches.”

Also facing an impressive array of teams, the U16s worked hard and played against Trent College, Yarm School and Dean Close as well as facing KES Southampton in the semi-final, with a strong second half performance taking them into the national final. After an exceptional performance against Repton, the Whitgift team pushed on to win at the final, with Captain Ollie Shelton finishing as ‘Top Scorer of the Tournament’.