In partnership with City Dressing, which helps to transform the appearance of empty retail outlets, the neighbouring building has been used to illustrate the history of the Whitgift Foundation.It highlights key dates, right back to 1596 when former Archbishop of Canterbury John Whitgift formed the Foundation with the mission of caring for the elderly and education for the young, which remain its core principles today.

Martin Corney, clerk of the Whitgift Foundation, said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to promote the work being done by both Croydon Restaurant Quarter and ourselves for the benefit of Croydon’s community.

“We believe the new frontages will be popular with residents and visitors alike as well as contributing a major improvement to the visual appeal of the area.

“Many people are aware of The Whitgift Foundation and its historic links with the area but this will help us to demonstrate our passion for Croydon through the positive work we do.

“This includes the care of 100 elderly residents at three care homes and providing education for more than 3,000 pupils at three day schools – Whitgift, Trinity and Old Palace – many of whom benefit from the £5million we provide for bursaries each year.”

Linda Arthur, chairperson of South Croydon Business Association, said: “We are extremely grateful to the Whitgift Foundation for allowing us to use one of its premises in this way.

“We made huge progress last year with the rebranding of South End as Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter and attracted thousands of visitors to the South End Food Festival and South End Family Fun Day.

“The new display will help us to showcase some of those achievements and maintain the momentum, with around £3million earmarked for the regeneration of the Restaurant Quarter area in 2013 and 2014.”