For the 2020 US Election which took place this week, Trinity School’s Politics Department put together some student led ‘explainer’ videos on key issues.

Also, Trinity students Jess Westland, Nathan Concagh, Ben de Sousa, Barnaby Corry, Edouard Gesser, Shivali Agrawal and Henry Bishop produced a series of engaging and informative videos about the elections.

A school vote took place on 3rd November, the day of the US election, while this resource also includes links to the websites for major parties and UK news coverage and some high-end academic articles from some of our subscription websites for a deeper dive.

“Coronavirus unfortunately undermined our intentions to hold a full mock election where students roleplay the candidates, but hopefully this page instead offers a real opportunity to learn how the US system works in practice,” says Mr Hutchings, who praised the efforts of the Sixth Form students ‘to help educate the school body on some of the key issues at stake’.

Mr Hutchings was also up all election night, counting the school votes and produced a video to explain the results ‘much like the poor vote counters in Pennsylvania’.

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