Research shows that students benefit from hearing positive messages from peers who have been through similar experiences to them.

In addition to Trinity‘s thriving Form Mentoring programme, where over fifty Sixth Form students visit form groups on a weekly basis to share their experiences and run fun activities, the school has launched the new scheme to help Sixth Form students work even more closely with their fellow students in the Lower and Middle Schools.

Students received a full days’ training this that covered listening skills and strategies to support a younger student on a one-to-one basis. The students on the scheme are as follows:

Chris Lipczynski, Safeera Ahmed, Seb Thorpe, Harry Hone, Michael Kemp, Shyam Malholtra, Trinity Ramsden Board, Adam Eastlake, Alex Persinaru, Angela Chen, Elaine Jones, Eliott Richards, Herb MacPherson, Imogen Smith, Isabelle Lambert, Natalie Upton, Ossian Bracegirdle, Pierre Lanaspre, Josh Wicking and Marcus Warrilow.

We look forward to seeing the first mentor-mentee relationships established later this term.