Trinity School First Year student, Ryan Ilmane, recently made his own Classical-themed board game; having been inspired by studying Classics in the Junior Year.

The board, the cards and the rules were all designed and created from scratch – each inspired by his favourite card and board games.

In Ryan’s game, players build their team of heroes, gods, and historical figures and prepare to battle each other for supremacy of the classical world.

When playing the game with peers and teachers in the library, teams consisted of Zeus, Achilles, and Julius Caesar – battling with Poseidon, Agamemnon, and Socrates.

Trinity School’s Mr Paterson explains: “We started designing concepts for games at the end of the Summer term. I made an off-the-cuff comment in our final lesson that if anyone wanted to make a full game over the summer, I would give them a million commendations…

“I was surprised and incredibly impressed when Ryan came back with a fully-made board game ready to play. Sadly, I didn’t have a million commendations to give, but we did spend an enjoyable afternoon in the library after school playing the game.”