Adam Bull, Trinity School 2013 leaver, paid a visit to Politics Society to give a wide-ranging and fascinating talk, covering topics from the current crisis in Ukraine to his experiences of working in Parliament.

Adam is currently a Parliamentary Researcher in the House of Lords, and a PhD student at King’s College London. He holds a Master’s Degree in Music from the University of York.

Sixth Form students, Henry Bishop and Ben De Sousa, co-chairs of Politics Society, explain: “He provided unique insights into the current contrast between foreign policy theory and the reality of global politics, and this provided a key area for discussion after the talk, which followed on from prior topics of debate in Politics Society about the best way of responding to the Ukraine crisis. We also got the opportunity to discuss the rapid growth of the Politics Society, and his thoughts on political party campaigning as the UK heads towards local elections. Everyone left the talk with a new take on pertinent issues, but also a first-hand impression of what is like to work in Parliament and as a political candidate. Adam’s depth of knowledge and presentation style – without notes! – was also highly lauded.”



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