The charity is working in partnership with a host of venues and organisations to celebrate the borough’s rich and colourful past.

Running from June 3rd to 23rd, 2013, the festival will feature a host of activities including a major public event in North End on Saturday, June 8th, as well as tours of historic Croydon, photographic exhibitions, films, expert talks, music, theatre and dance.

The Whitgift Foundation, who is celebrating over 400 years of charity work in Croydon at its annual Founders Day in Croydon Minster on Friday, March 22nd, is keen to engage with as many Croydoners as possible during the three week period so that locals are given a variety of opportunities to learn more about years gone by in Croydon, and what makes the area so unique.

“With the announcement of Westfield and Hammerson coming together to build a new £1billion shopping centre in the heart of Croydon these are exciting times for the borough and all eyes will be on the town over the next few years,” said Martin Corney, Clerk to The Whitgift Foundation.

“At a time when the town is looking forward to a bright future, there could be no better time to celebrate the town’s history and heritage.

“As an organisation which has been committed to Croydon for several hundred years, we believe The Whitgift Foundation is perfectly placed to help bring together the various organisations and groups for a festival such as this.

“The mission of our founding father John Whitgift, ‘education for the young and care for the elderly,’, is as relevant today as it was in 1596 when, as Archbishop of Canterbury, he established The Whitgift Foundation.

“Clearly, the Foundation has a rich heritage of its own but we are excited by the prospect of facilitating a programme of events from across the wider Croydon community because the town and borough has so much that is worth celebrating and people of all ages will find that the Festival will have something that caters to their tastes.

“It is a great opportunity to remind everyone of why we should be proud of our town, on the dawn of this new era of growth and regeneration after such a tough few years.”

White Label Consultants will be delivering the festival on behalf of The Whitgift Foundation and in partnership organisations or venues from all over the borough. Those that are interested in taking part are being encouraged to get in touch.

If you are interested in taking part in the festival call Rose Farrar on 020 8726 7968 or e-mail