Trinity School is pleased to announce a new partnership with concussion management company Return2Play, as part of its ongoing commitment to ensure excellent standards of care for pupils taking part in sports.

Concussion awareness has been high on the agenda for many sports teams, schools and sport bodies in recent years, as reflected in the introduction of concussion guidelines and training from the RFU, as well as increased investment in concussion and brain injury research.  

Return2Play’s online concussion management system is designed to improve communication between schools, clubs and parents to ensure that pupils are managed correctly in every sphere of activity, whether in or out of school, while they recover from their concussion.

Trinity’s Headmaster, Mr Alasdair Kennedy, said:

“We are very pleased to partner with Return2Play.  We do all we can to ensure that our sportsmen and women receive the best coaching to minimise dangerous collisions, and we want to provide excellent medical care when a pupil is suspected of having been concussed.  We are delighted that we can work alongside experts in order to provide the best standards of care for our pupils”.

Dr. Sam Barke, Medical Director & Co-Founder of Return2Play, said:

“Concussion, and its long term effects, is rightly becoming an increasingly prevalent concern amongst parents, coaches and players. Whilst there are risks associated with taking part in certain sport, we believe that, when injuries are properly managed, the benefits of involvement far outweigh those risks. We’re delighted to be working alongside the staff and pupils at Trinity to help provide a gold-standard of care. By doing so we know that we can significantly reduce the risk of any long-term harm caused.”