Welcome to our new website. After several years of service, we felt it was time for a change and have not only overhauled the look of the site, but also added lots of new content including full information about all of our schools, care homes and the Carers’ Information Service; as well as a summary of our work in Croydon’s community and a section on how we can help with school fees through Scholarships and Whitgift Foundation Bursaries. We’ve also got a much improved news feed, which will be updated regularly with stories about our work in the Borough.

We also explain a bit about our history, our charitable mission, our structure, as well as a list of our current job vacancies in The Whitgift Foundation. It’s also worth checking out Mapping our history, a new project we’re undertaking which uses Historypin to visually narrate our rich history.

Our new site has been built by IE Design Consultancy and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve done an excellent job and have designed a site that is simple to use, informative and that looks fantastic.

We would really appreciate hearing what you think about our new website. If you would like to email your feedback, you can find our contact details here.