Old Whitgiftian and Olympic Gold medallist, Joe Choong visited Whitgift following his remarkable achievements in the Summer 2021 Olympics. Joe became the first ever British male to win an Olympic Gold medal in the men’s individual Modern Pentathlon event.

Joe arrived at the School and started his day meeting with Whitgift School’s Director of Sport, Mr Litchfield and members of the Sports Department, before speaking with Headmaster, Mr Ramsey and Senior Deputy, Mr Cresswell.

Lower First and First Form Sport Scholars were thrilled to be joined by Joe for a talk on his life at Whitgift, how the mentor programme affected him and his most recent experiences of two Olympic games and one Olympic medal. It was a wonderful learning experience for students, inspiring a new generation of Whitgiftians.

Modern Pentathlon Great Britain programme athletes and Whitgift students, Jack Murray (Fourth Form) and Luis Grainger (Lower Sixth), interviewed Joe in the afternoon. Together, they discussed the differences between the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, how his Whitgift experience helped prepare him for a life as an elite athlete, and how he managed to juggle a degree in Maths with a full-time training schedule. Joe ended the day joining in on Third Form’s Modern Pentathlon lesson which included fencing and laser shooting.

The School would like to thank Joe for returning to Whitgift and to Head of Modern Pentathlon, Mr Sanderson for organising the visit. Whitgift is extremely proud of Joe’s hard work and achievements and look forward to welcoming him back again soon.



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