Old Palace School are incredibly proud of their eleven Year 13 Chemists who took part in this year’s Chemistry Olympiad. The competition takes the form of a two hour written exam, which extends students’ thinking well beyond the requirements of the A level specification.

Students have to apply their knowledge and understanding to problems set in real life contexts, dealing with unfamiliar material along the way.

Many congratulations to Nadia (Gold Award), Julieta (Silver) and Rajan, Zainab, Anushka P, Khushi and Demi (Bronze). Piriyanka, Lydia, Anushka T and Ally were all given participation certificates.

The total number of entries nationally was 7160. Of these, 32.9% achieved Bronze, 23.2% Silver and only 8.9% achieved Gold.

Well done to all of you who tackled this very demanding competition.


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