A new Annual Journal has been published to showcase the real stories behind The Whitgift Foundation and its achievements in 2014. Each year, the Foundation’s charitable activities benefit thousands in the local community through funding made available from assets including our freehold ownership of the Whitgift Centre. This new publication tells the stories of a selection of people from all walks of like, and both young and old, who have benefitted from the work of the charity.

The Foundation now supports 46% of students who attend our three schools, Old Palace, Whitgift and Trinity, with financial assistance; looks after more than 100 older people through a range of care services at Whitgift Care and supports the borough’s 34,000 carers with free support and advice at the Carers Support Centre run by our Carers Information Service.  

The charity’s expertise in providing education and care services spans more than 400 years since it was founded by Archbishop John Whitgift in 1596, with the original aim to educate the young and care for the elderly. With the redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre on the horizon, The Whitgift Foundation is both passionate and committed to enabling thousands more in the local community to benefit from our education and care activities for years to come. 

Download the new Annual Journal here.