Why gardening?

Hear first-hand from our gardening novices and experts why gardening is good for the mind, body and soul.

“Gardening is such a life-saver, both for individuals and in communities: it fosters our understanding of the natural world, feeds us and lifts our spirits.

Congratulations to the wise people of Croydon on the ‘Grow with John’ project which is a brilliant idea and one which I hope other schools and communities will learn from. Grow well!”
Alan Titchmarsh MBE




“Having have spent the majority of last year stuck indoors, the time is long overdue to get a little bit muddy and reconnect with nature. We are thrilled to be involved with the inaugural year of Grow With John and are excited to see what our children will achieve in the coming months.”
Bethany Cutter, Teacher, Oasis Academy Ryelands Croydon


“The act of growing and coming together over a shared love of plants can have huge benefits on our wellbeing and we’re delighted to be bringing our Grow Social initiative into Croydon care homes this year, at a time where it feels more important than ever. We hope that by working with the residents, we can create something that will support many more care homes across the UK in future.”
Alana Cama, Schools and Groups Programme Manager, RHS


“We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help our residents combat isolation and loneliness, and this year, we have really been put to the test. We have found that getting residents outside into the fresh air and working on tactile gardening projects is invaluable, and the activities that we have lined up will greatly improve our resident’s memory, coordination and social skills. We just can’t wait to get started.”
Joe Patterson, Home Manager, Whitgift House care home