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John Whitgift Foundation’s three leading independent schools, Old Palace of John Whitgift, Whitgift and Trinity, have once again achieved outstanding GCSE results.

Old Palace students achieved excellent results at GCSE with 32% of all entries were awarded the top grade of 9, with 51% of entries awarded at least a grade 8 and 74% of entries awarded at least a grade 7 (the equivalent of an A grade from previous years).

Trinity celebrated GCSE success for Fifth Year students. Despite many of the students unable to sit their exams, they have achieved a fantastic set of results collectively – which are well deserved.

At Whitgift, 88% of all grades awarded were at 7/8/9 and 37% were awarded the top grade of 9. 14 students achieved 9s in all their entries and a further 33 achieved all 8 or 9 grades. 45 pupils completed the challenging Additional Mathematics qualification, with 29 obtaining the top grade.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work and commitment of our students and the members of staff who supported them during this exceptional year.

Well done to all if our student and we wish them every success with their future studies.

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