Gardens with bees mean that our flowers and fruit will be pollinated and then “set seed” and most importantly produce fruit for us to enjoy.

To make bees welcome we can add quiet areas in the garden for wildlife, such as bees, to take over. Bee homes are fun to make and can be made into a pretty, as well as a useful, feature in the garden.

Help the bees of Croydon by giving them a home. Your Bee Hotel will also encourage more creatures into your garden, which will help other plants growing in your garden.


What you’ll need

You do not need to build a hotel as big as that in our photo, you can make one quite easily using:

  • A terracotta plant pot (9 – 15cm in size)
  • Modelling clay
  • Plastic straws or bamboo canes
  • String

What to do

  1. Cut the straws or bamboo canes to a length that fits the depth of your pot. If you are using bamboo canes you will need a grown up to carry out this part as it’s tricky.
  2. Tie the bundle of straws or canes together with a piece of string.
  3. Place some modelling clay in the bottom of the pot and stick the bundle of straws or canes in to the clay.
  4. Place the pot horizontally in your garden in a quiet place for the bees to move in.

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