This easy Easter wreath is a great fun activity to do with young children. The wreath is made up of painted cardboard cartons and embellished with foliage and cut flowers from your garden.


What you’ll need

  • Eggs carton (as least 2 boxes)
  • Water-based paints (various colours)
  • Form board or a metal coat hanger
  • pipe cleaners
  • PVA glue
  • pompom / buttons
  • Card (various colours)

How to make it

1. Begin by cutting your foam base. Draw a circle with a 40cm diameter. Inside the circle draw a smaller circle about 6 or 7cm smaller – the board will mostly be covered so this does not need to be too neat. Cut out the ring. Paint green and leave to dry.

2. Paint the egg cartons in pink, blue, peach and yellow. You will need a few coats to get a vivid, even colour. Leave to dry.

3. Cut different-sized leaves out of green card and felt. Put a generous amount of PVA glue all over the foam ring and stick the leaves on in small clusters so they are hanging over the outer and inner edges.

4. Whilst the glue is still wet, stick on the egg cartons, alternating colours until the ring is full. Leave to dry overnight.

5. Squirt glue into the centre of each egg carton and glue a pom pom or button into the centre. Dot paper butterflies onto a few of the cartons.

6. Add a length of ribbon to the back of the wreath for hanging or use or use the hook of the hanger.