Founder’s Day is an annual celebration by the constituent parts of the Whitgift Foundation, paying tribute to the life and work of Archbishop John Whitgift.

For those at the schools and residential homes, it is an opportunity to be thankful for the services provided by The Whitgift Foundation charity and the man responsible for founding them.

For me, it holds particular significance. As Head Boy, I represent all the students that have benefitted from the work of John Whitgift at Trinity School.

“I’m grateful my school is attached to a charity so actively involved in the local community”

During the Founder’s Day service, I have the special honour of participating in the ceremony by laying a wreath of respect at his tomb. I am truly grateful that my school is attached to a charity so actively involved in various levels of support and welfare for the local community.

The Foundation started as a charity set up by John Whitgift to give education to the less fortunate and care to older people. For the younger boys, the service is a chance to learn the values upon which the school was founded, and how they still run through the ethos and culture of the school today.

As this is my last Founder’s Day, it is my final opportunity to reflect on what I have gained from the Whitgift Foundation.

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