A highlight in the social calendar for our Whitgift Care homes is the annual summer garden parties.

More than 18 months into the pandemic and Wilhelmina House was finally able to put on a garden party on Thursday 12th August due to the easing of restrictions.

The sun shone over the home’s stunning landscaped garden all afternoon as residents, staff and a few invited guests took the opportunity to socialise.

True to form, the catering team had pulled out all the stops for a beautifully presented spread of finger foods and cakes.

A splendid variety of entertainment flowed with entertainers, opera singers and even a ventriloquist.

Dawn Rule, Wellbeing and Leisure Co-ordinator, Wilhelmina House, said: “Good times were had by all at our first summer garden party since 2019. Not only were we blessed with sunshine but the conversations, entertainment, party food, not to mention our beautiful garden, left everyone feeling on top of the world! Next year we hope to invite more family and friends.”

Brenda Elliot, resident at Wilhelmina House, said: “The entertainers were amazing, and we were lucky enough to have the weather and be able to sit in our lovely garden.”

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