This Volunteers Week 1 – 7 June 2018, the Carers Information Service is shining a spotlight on our fantastic volunteers. We have 16 volunteers supporting our work at the Carers Support Centre in a wide range of roles. From the Carers Café to our mailout, our volunteers are an essential part of the team.

Carers Café

The Carers Café volunteers create a welcoming space for carers in the Café, offering a smile, a cup of tea or coffee, and a listening ear when needed. Café volunteers are essential to helping carers feel more relaxed and at home. As one carer said: ‘The caring and welcome you get from the volunteers is lovely.’

IT Buddies

In addition to the Café, our two volunteer IT Buddies make a difference by offering carers one-to-one IT support. Whether it is helping people get online for the first time, or dealing with a tricky IT problem, the IT Buddies are always happy to help. One happy IT Buddy user commented, ‘The volunteer went at just the right speed for me.’

Getting the newsletter on doorsteps

Not all volunteer roles are quite so public, but they are just as important to our work. The fantastic mailout and delivery volunteers help us send out over 7000 newsletters to carers and interested professionals every quarter. Mostly powered by tea, the mailout team’s job involves labelling, stuffing and franking thousands of newsletters for posting. Our brilliant delivery volunteers then help us get the newsletter on doorsteps, giving local carers access to the latest news, information and events.

Supporting staff

As well as mailout and deliveries, we are also supported by our library volunteer Marilyn, who helps staff organise the Carers Information Service resource library. With such a wide range of publications to be sorted through and updated, it’s a big job and requires focus and persistence. Read our interview with Marilyn from last year.

A massive thank you to all our volunteers

Without the commitment of each one of these volunteers, we would not be able to do what we do for carers. This Volunteers Week, we want to offer everyone who volunteers with us a heartfelt thank you from us. Volunteering truly does make a difference.

We do not have any volunteering vacancies at the moment, but please keep an eye on our website, e-bulletin and newsletter for future roles. If you are interested in volunteering locally, get in touch with Volunteer Centre Croydon: