Kathy has been a Senior Nurse at Whitgift Care for ten years. She specialises in end of life care and has been on the Gold Standard framework training course to give the highest standard of care to her residents.

On a typical day, Kathy ensures residents see a GP regularly, making sure they are given the correct medication and care to promote their wellbeing. Life as a nurse can be both challenging and rewarding. Kathy builds trusted relationships with residents and relatives, updating loved ones on residents’ progression and needs regularly. As the care home provides 24-hour care, there are always challenges to overcome or a need to take care of, whether that is liaising with a GP, or sitting with an unwell resident in the middle of the night; but the staff work together to maintain the smooth running of the Home. Kathy says: “It is comforting to know there is always someone close by to help or gain support from.”

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