Giving young people the best start in life

John Whitgift Foundation is proud to widen access to our three independent schools by offering one of the largest school fee support schemes in the UK. We currently grant more than £6 million a year in bursaries, and combined with scholarships, we give financial support to 48% of students who attend Old Palace of John Whitgift, Trinity and Whitgift.  


Bursaries are a means-tested financial contribution towards school fees awarded by John Whitgift Foundation on the basis of the highest performance in the entrance examination.

John Whitgift Foundation supports a high number of bursary places; however demand is extremely high and therefore bursary awards will be offered to selected pupils following their entrance examination.


Scholarships are a financial contribution towards school fees awarded by Old Palace, Trinity or Whitgift School based on exceptional talent either academically, in a specific subject area or all round.

Each school has its own arrangements for awarding scholarships which can be of a value up to 50% of the school fees.

To find out more about Scholarships, visit our schools’ websites.

Do I qualify for a bursary?

This chart will give you an idea of whether you would qualify for a bursary and what level of support you may qualify for. The size of bursaries awarded will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your family’s relevant income. This is usually calculated as the total income (before tax) from all sources for both parents as well as any unearned income of all your dependent children. An allowance of £2,000 is taken off this total for each dependent child in full-time education.
  • Your family’s assets, including equity in a property

Relevant income is normally assessed for the income tax year before the school year in question. You will have to provide evidence of your income such as Form P60 or End of Year Accounts and Inland Revenue Tax Returns.

How do I apply for a bursary?

A bursary application must be made in advance of the entrance examination and submitted to John Whitgift Foundation fees and bursaries office.

All bursary applications are processed by John Whitgift Foundation, and therefore all completed forms and documents relevant to your application should be sent to the Foundation office, not the school your child is applying for.

What is the deadline for bursary applications?

The bursary application date for the 2020-2021 academic year has closed. If you are struggling financially as a result of the impact of Covid-19, please email our Head of Fees & Bursaries at the following address: