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Bursaries, or reduced fees, are limited and available at Old Palace of John Whitgift, Trinity or Whitgift Schools to parents whose income falls below a certain level and whose son or daughter performs in the top of academic assessments. At Old Palace of John Whitgift School bursary places are available from Year seven.

John Whitgift Foundation supports a high number of bursary places, however demand is extremely high and therefore bursary awards will be offered to selected pupils following their entrance examination. Successful bursary applicants will receive a bursary throughout their time in the school subject to annual reassessment and satisfactory academic progress. Bursaries are awarded at the sole discretion of John Whitgift Foundation.

Applications for financial assistance by the parents of a pupil not granted a bursary on entry to the school will be considered at the time there is a change in the parents’ circumstances. However, as only a set sum of money will be available, an award will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Parents are urged to take out a school fee insurance policy to cover such eventualities.

Do I qualify for a bursary?

This chart will give you an idea of whether you would qualify for a bursary and what level of support you may qualify for. The size of bursaries will depend on your family’s ‘relevant income’ which is usually calculated as the total of the income (before tax) from all sources of both parents as well as any unearned income of all your dependent children. An allowance of £2,000 is taken off this total for each dependent child in full-time education.

Assets are also taken into account when considering whether to award a bursary, this includes equity in a property.

Relevant income is normally assessed for the income tax year before the school year in question. You will have to provide evidence of your income such as Form P60 or End of Year Accounts and Inland Revenue Tax Returns.

How do I apply for a bursary?

Information on how to apply for bursaries is handed out at our schools’ open days, or by contacting Old Palace of John Whitgift, Trinity or Whitgift Schools directly. John Whitgift Foundation processes all bursary applications and therefore all documents relevant to your bursary application should be sent to John Whitgift Foundation, not the school your child is applying for.

Before your child sits the entrance examination, all the necessary forms and information will be given to you by the school to which your child is applying. Your bursary application will be assessed by John Whitgift Foundation office and, if you are offered a bursary, you will be notified at the same time you are offered a place. All completed forms should be returned to the Foundation’s School Fees Office. Forms should not be returned to the schools.

Application deadlines for 2020/21 entry is Friday 29th November for Whitgift, Trinity and Old Palace Schools. Whitgift and Trinity School 16+ application process closes on Friday 18 October 2019.

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Trinity, Whitgift and Old Palace of John Whitgift Schools each run substantial scholarship schemes for exceptionally gifted students.

Students can gain a scholarship by demonstrating excellent academic ability, a particular talent for sport, or a gift for music or the arts. Each school has its own arrangements for awarding scholarships which can be of a value up to 50% of the school fees.

To find out more about Scholarships, visit our schools’ websites.